New York Insight Mediation Center
Manhattan, New York

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Jun 18 2020 - Jul 09 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


$85 - $195

Exploring the Paramis as a Practice of Liberation

The 10 paramis are qualities or states of heart and mind that lead the way to liberation and joy…yes, joy! As antidotes to some of our biggest mental obstacles, they work together, enabling us to deal with everything that life throws at us — they are some of the most useful Buddhist teachings for bringing the path of awakening into everyday life. We’ll be exploring these 10 perfections through study, discussion, leaning on the wisdom of the body, and formal meditation practice.

Join Booker for a 4 part online course exploring these qualities so that we can realize our full potential, bringing the highest benefit to ourselves and others.